Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hey Guys!

It happened-

 We had our Premiere of ---- DOGONAUT'S ----ENEMY LINE---- this last weekend and it went great.

We had about 200 guests....friends and family for the showing of 7 animated films ending with our own latest.

We had a nice little push leading up to the day.....Me and shel getting the Videos ready - models ready - cleaning up broke down puppets and ships.....lots to do in Prep...

After getting all the details in order we packed up the car and were on our way the the Theater.

On arriving to the theater we met our Long time Art assistant Bridget Dash for some help setting up the tables and testing the projector playing all our films before the show began....

We have not see Bridget for a few years....she left to go work at WETA in New Zealand on the Hobbit...
so cool!!

      After Set up lots of folks started rollin in and we talked to as many folks as we could....
I really wanted to connect with everyone but it quickly became a Busy Situation and I unfortunately had to be quick in my saying hello.

People who came in got to see up close and personal the puppets -ships and props from the film....People were afraid to touch but everywhere I could I told them to reach out and squeeze them puppets....feel them ships.

Its one of the coolest parts of our get to not only watch characters come to life....

you get to feel them -smell them and sit right down into the little worlds we create for them.

....One of the most common questions we got from the crowds were?? Are these the same puppets that are in the film?

 YES--- The very exact ones!!

...... We kicked off the show with a small talk about the making of our film.....the many years and sleepless night to get to this point of finally sharing the film with all of our friends.

One of the MAIN Points I wanted to get across is that wasn't just this one moment-FINISHING- was The entire Journey of the film. All of the things we learned - the new friends we have made - the many moments creating art with our family - the GROWTH we both have made as film makers and artist's.

It was all about the Ride !! So much work and soo much Fun!!

We started the films.

All of the films played great and when DOGONAUT'S came up - the crowd greeted our film with Huge was sooo kind and love filled.

 The film played and was shared ---DEEP BREATH ---I was so happy to see the audience clearly understood our story and got all the beats we applied in  our film.

 We finished with a short Q and A ......
which was nice and and then talked to many more friends as we made our way out of the theater.

After making our way out of the theater we had a GREAT lunch with Shel's folks and our family.

We then proceeded to come home and Take a Much deserved NAP.....a 4 YEAR NAP...

   we have a lot of catch up to do!!!

              SO in closing!!!!

We are now excited to take our film on another festival Tour in the next year....visit our sisters and grandma's......Travel to some fun new places and Watch some good films.

 I am happy to announce we were accepted into our Very First film Festival

- The Austin Film Fest -

and we will be traveling there in mid November.

                 talk soon!!  and thanks for all the support guys!!


Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hey guys!

  This has officially been the longest stretch without a post....We have been so freakin busy in all places of life........that I have not even announced here on our blog that our film is DONE!!

  And we will be premiering it in 2 weeks....wooo hoo!!!

  We decided on the premiere being at a Art house theater in Pasadena called the Laemmle's Playhouse.

Its a great little theater and It should serve the films well! We are showing 6 films in total and I have to say the Lineup is fantastic!!

We have FRED - by Misha Klein - This film was really THE piece of animation I saw that made me give stop mo a real go......I love this film.

We will also be playing The MOUSE THAT SOARED by Kyle Bell.
this is a film that played with Gerald during our festival tour and I always loved it!

 We have the Reward from - Mikkel Mainz Elkjaar ,Kenneth Ladekjaar -
This film just really captured me and inspired me for weeks after seeing it....I just want another excuse to watch it again and spread the word.
We also have the film - Dance for tour Life you Puny Human - from Justin Connolly.
Justin was one of our interns and we saw him go from young student to Working Pro- so proud of him.
We will be showing his Graduation film-

We also have some Pure Cartoon Magic from the guys at Screen Novelties-
The Flintsones-

and then to finish it all off we will be screening 
Geralds Last Day -

and the the MAIN EVENT being our FINAL Film   { DOGONAUT'S - Enemy Line }
4 years in the making and LOTS of artistic growth in the creation.....we finally get to share it.

Ill cover the event here and The DVD's and Digital downloads will be going out as soon as the premiere happens.

Last but not least - Here is a sneek special feature- the making of flea!!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Got our MIX!!

Hey guys!
big update and MAJOR milestone for us.....we FINALLY got our MIX. It is the first film we have ever Created  that had a real Audio mix .
It was incredibly eye opening.....I always knew that doing things professionally would improve the quality of the film......I just didn't know how much.
With every tweak of the sounds....with every smoothing of a V.O. file or audio transition....this film got BETTER.....It was like night and day....listening to the final mix from the first raw files....if we had a larger budget we could have spent the entire day there.
..... Lesson LEARNED...ha!
Part 1 - 
We first had a good buddy of Robert Litton .....adjust the music a bit before we go into the final mixing session....
He brought up the Bongos on a couple of the music sequences since we really wanted to make sure we could hear is a quick peek.

Next we headed over to another of Roberts friends studios and did the FULL mix.

so....We have all the music -sfx and Voice over mixed. 
The only thing left now is the color correction which has now been put in motion. 
We are in talks with a color correction guy and studio . We really want to find the right guy and place for the job.....We should be able to make something happen in the next few weeks.
Here is a peek at the Making of Dober from the special features-
more to come...including a MAKING Fester the FLEA behind the scenes.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

POST is getting Close!!

Hey Guys!

Our MUSIC is all wrapped up.....and tonight at 9:30 pm. we get to have our ears and our eyes come together for the first time since the scoring.
Our Next Big Task - The Voice over - is completely wrapped  and delivered to the Sound Designer - Check!!
After auditioning the entire family for Dober and Flea we ended up casting and recording our characters.
....I ended up doing all of Fester fleas V.O

......and our professional Voice Actor Friend - James Sie- ended up doing Dober's V.O.
Finishing and editing the V.O. was definitely another Big Task.....Bigger than you ever think it will be........but Shel rocked it out in record time.....
The coolest thing about it is that just like the music - the quality of the film just goes up sooo much when the characters start emoting. 

Some of the concepts and ideas in the film that I might not have been clear enough in communicating.....are becoming crystal clear now that we have the tonal shifts in the V.O in the mix.

Our last AUDIO Task was - SFX.
We also should have all of our Sound FX wrapped up by the end of this weekend....
.....We just got to listen to the first bits ....and are very excited to listen to more.
After all those elements are done we have a scheduled MIXING DAY where all of us will get together and choose the levels for the entire film.

 We will choose How each Piece of sound-music-sfx- will SOAR or  fade back a bit....... 
...its gona be a FUN is a clip of some flea V.O. noises.
We also recently got our Dober maquette's in from the molder...and they looks fantastic!! 
We will start painting them pretty soon....and I will share  progress pics here....
---- I have more fun behind the scenes videos for you peeks to come..
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MAGIC ontopa MAGIC!!!

Hey Guys!!

       we officially SCORED our film -...... was  UNBELIEVEABLE -

Total awe and Total DREAM stuff for our long long journey in the making of this film.....

This score Knocked the socks off everyone on the stage and just about everyone in the entire city of Burbank...POWERFULL.

Big Props to composer Robert Litton on scoring our 2nd film as a TEAM
Delivering well beyond our expectations - HUGE piece of Magic.....

here is the scoop-

Monday after a family lunch with my sister and Nephew who were in town for the show....
we headed off to Warner Bro's
And then to our Fancy pants -Parking space!!

Walking into the scoring stage is quite an amazing feeling - just knowing all the amazing films that have recorded there....and the HUGE GRAND SCALE of it all....

From the cool Factor of being on the back lot to the Fact that our Film was getting the FULL Hollywood treatment. Geek filled Goosebumps all over the place.

On Gerald we spent most of the time in the booth but this time the stage is so HUGE that we wanted to be in the mix and we all camped out on the chairs and couches in the main stage.
as the musicians started showing I really had no idea how many of them there would be?
I started seeing every awesome instrument arrive that you can Imagine
.....a pretty HUGE jump from Robert sitting at the piano playing the themes for us.

as the clock ticked and everyone was in place the ....SCOREing began with a BOOM.....
The ENDING  First.....

IT was so hard to not scream out a Hillbilly wooot -every time we heard a piece finished..... was goosebumps on goosebumps...

This is how i felt.....

This is how our composer felt -EXHAUSTED - ha....

I can not describe to you how insanely POWERFULL the experience was. It really was MAGIC on top of MAGIC......I actually thought we were nearing the ceiling of the films quality but we just smashed through it....

I cant imagine what Sound design is going to bring to the Film???? Exciting!!!

Our Film took a HUGE JUMP in quality.....and thanks to so many of our supporters that happened- THANKS YOU ALL Soooooo FREAKIN much!!!!!!!I cant wait to share it with you all!!!!

More magic to come!!!


Monday, June 3, 2013

WHAT A RIDE......Whats Next?

....Hey Guys!!!
....What a ride.......
.......The campaign has come to an end.......and it was a HUGE success....THANK YOU ALL who supported us.....we really were so moved by the whole thing.

.......We had no idea how much work a campaign could be..............It really  is a full time job...............And VERY emotionally Taxing!!
.......But man............We Learned sooo much as to how this kickstarter stuff works...and how much social media plays a role in a successful campaign.
from our first thoughts of starting a campaign after the just 2 weeks later..
...we were launched  - Pitch created  -Rewards set - and our page was open for biz.
The 30 days of the campaign were full of anxiety and excitement........but we raised the complete funds for our MUSIC - and SFX - post costs.....
....The music was the very most important thing to us and such a relief to accomplish.
....We did not quite meet the 3D Goal but we were advised to keep collecting private donations on PAYPAL....untill we reach our GOAL and can make it happen.
....We will open this on our blog very soon.....and it will be the very last chance for folks to pick up the Dogonauts film on video before it hits the festival circuit.....which will take it off the shelf for at least a year.
....this weekend was the first moment me and shel have had to reflect in months...
....Its been and still will be - nonstop work-scheduleing and organization to get us through this current phase and then onto the /post and beyond..

....We were able to lay down on the trampoline together for a moment and talk about the amount of amazing that has been going on ......deep breath.....take it in....

....its all incredible guys.....
....We are constantly bouncing between the feelings of -DEEP Excitement.....-Pure Inspiration -AWE - Exhaustion - Thrilling Anticipation - and JOY.
....We just need more time to feel each and every one of those things.......since we are moving  fast......the reflection from one to the next happens way too quick.
....Our Next BIG steps were to Hire a Composer-

....Composer -Robert Litton -DONE

....HIRE our SFX Designer -

....SFX Designer - Chuck Russom - DONE

....Schedule our Recording session -

....DONE- WARNER BRO'S - June 10 th.....
....and then count the days on our Tippy Toes....
    ....1 week and 1 day........till we have music.